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Whether you're looking for a place to celebrate your wedding, birthday, luau, company party or charity function,  Ho`okano Hall has it all!  Nestled amongst the beautiful Ko`olau Mountains and overlooking the serenity of Kane`ohe Bay, you really couldn't ask for a better destination.  We can also provide you with an Event Planner to assist you in the planning of your event.  Please click on the links above and below for further information.

The Church
The Hall
The Fundraisers
St. John's By-the-Sea

Located on the same property as Ho`okano Hall, you'll find St. John's By-the-Sea Church. Once catering to local fisherman and their `Ohana (family), is now flourishing with the diversities of todays culture.  **Church is now only available to church members.**

Ho`okano Hall

Erected in 1960 Ho`okano Hall initially served as a facility for Sunday school classes, a pre-school and community gatherings. Today, it not only provides a haven for those in need (Family Promise, AA, Polynesian groups, etc.) but serves many in and around the community for graduation parties, baby showers, wedding receptions and the like. With the lucious green Ko`olaus to the west and the tranquil waters of Kane`ohe Bay to the East, Ho`okano Hall is the perfect venue for your event.

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